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Precision Metal Products

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CAD  Programming

We're happy to help with CAD design and offer our expert advice into ensuring all your needs are met.

We use all the latest software design packages, and our skilled team will be more than happy to assist.



We have invested in state of the art Trumpf CNC punch machinery. This new machinery ensures competitive prices for all products by reducing the need for other operations, like deburring, countersinking, tapping. It also means work can be completed in efficient time.

Accuracy we work to is +/- 0.2mm.



Our Guillotine can cut up to 2500mm and 4-6mm thickness dependant on 


We can cut box section, tube, flat, extrusion etc. on our saws.


Press Break / Folding

We have 3 press break machines which can bend lengths up to 2500mm. 


Welding / Fabrication

We can provide TIG/MIG/MMA/Spot Welding services on newly fabricated parts, repairs or modifications. 

All our products are welded, fabricated and cleaned to the highest standard.

Our skilled welders will work with all ferrous and non-ferrous metals.



We have our own in-house paint shop which primarily consists of powder coating, we also offer wet coating at additional costs or to your requirements.

Each job will be thoroughly prepped prior to painting to ensure the best possible finish.

Our Oven has capabilities can fit anything up to 2500mm.

Although the majority of our work may be high quantity batches of sheet metal work, we can also assist with Motorbike refurbishment, garden furniture, alloy wheels, gates, railings, cast iron

We cannot offer anodising or shot blasting, but we are more than happy to subcontract this to ensure your needs are fully met. 


Silk Screen Printing

We can offer a full silk-screening service including the ability to create our own Filmworks in house.

Silk screening guarantees long lasting effect and we can produce screens to your requirements and size.


Assembly, Packaging & Delivery

We are able to assemble parts for you in house if required and/or provide fixings. 

We can deliver to you if you are within our delivery range, alternatively items can be collected by you or a courier can be arranged at a cost. For more information on where we can deliver to, please get in touch. 






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